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They're coming for me! Save me!

OOC! Aisha
OOC! Aisha is played, manipulated, and given random knowledge of modern-day things and vocabulary by shotglass for omg_symphonia. And the girl dances on...

FAQ of made-up questions:

Can I pair OOC!Aisha with my character?
-I'm open to pairings; just let them happen at a normal rate, okay?

Can I donate icons for OOC!Aisha?

Will you involve OOC!Aisha with "X plot point"?

OOC!Aisha is annoying me! Can I kill her off?
-Most certainly not. And now that Marzelos (rest his soul) has taught her some sword skills, she might resist.
asgard, being a good lackey, dancing, davidson, ddr, glitter, glow sticks, harley, harley again, harley harley harley, harley lots more, iselia ranch, leather, lord forcystus, motorcycles, neon, not being sacrificed, raves, shiny shirts, sparklies