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(in her room)

This is starting to look really bad...

Poor Lord Yuan. He didn't want to do all those things... I don't know what he did, but he wasn't in control of what he did. You can't hate someone for doing something they couldn't help...

*thinks* This was so pretty when I heard it down in the plothole...
*flops down on her bed and sings the Hymn of the Fayth*
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aisha; excited

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*Lord Yuan's room is done*

(sitting in a tree out in the ranch's courtyard)

So... now what? We're just waiting for these kinda dumb looking katz things to attack?

*Watches them play kendama*

Wonder if there's any aspirin left around here...
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Did... did you find any more food laying around...?
I need it.

Please, Harley. I need more of whatever it was that I ate.
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Harley...? I don't... Oh... I don't feel so good...
The world just started spinning...

((OOC: Why yes, she did find one of drug_chef's meals...))
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To: Harley

Now what!? What're we gonna do?! That clone disappeared, but for how frikken long?! If he comes back, are we gonna still be ready? What if more of them come? And... where'd Lord Yuan go?

Harley, what're we gonna do... I don't even belong here. I miss home...
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